Chapter 7. Advanced Topics in Syntax Definition (*)

Table of Contents

7.1. Combining Languages
7.2. Advanced Module Features
7.2.1. Renaming Symbols
7.2.2. Parameterized Modules
7.2.3. Hiding Grammars
7.3. Context-sensitive Lexical Syntax
7.4. Explicit versus Implicit Ambiguities
7.5. Performance Tips and Tricks

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7.1. Combining Languages

7.2. Advanced Module Features

7.2.1. Renaming Symbols

Import module and rename symbols in the imported definition.

Not very common, but heavily used for combining syntax definitions of different language. See concrete object syntax.

7.2.2. Parameterized Modules

Modules can have formal parameters.

Example 7.1. Parameterized Module for Regular Expressions

7.2.3. Hiding Grammars

7.3. Context-sensitive Lexical Syntax

7.4. Explicit versus Implicit Ambiguities

7.5. Performance Tips and Tricks