%% Definition of different variables used within PHP and
%% the way to access them.
%% @author Eric Bouwers
module languages/php/common/literals/VariableLiterals
%% Variables can be defined in a lot of ways. A normal variable is a Dollar with
%% a label. But there can also be an array. A variable can also be made by a dollar
%% and an expression between curly braces.

  sorts CompoundVariable Expr
  context-free syntax
  %% Reference variables. A normal variable, acces to an array or maybe acces to
  %% a index in a string.
    CompoundVariable                       -> ReferenceVariable
    ReferenceVariable "[" Expr? "]"        -> ReferenceVariable {cons("ArrayAccess")}
    ReferenceVariable "{" Expr "}"         -> ReferenceVariable {cons("StringAccess")}

%% There are two kind of variables defined. A TVariable which is a basic variable
%% and a CompundVariable that can be a complecated variable. A TVariable can be
%% used as a CompundVariable but not vice versa
  sorts  String TVariable SimpleVariableName
    "$" <SimpleVariableName-CF> -> <TVariable-CF>        {cons("Variable")}
    "$" <VariableName-CF>       -> <CompoundVariable-CF> {cons("Variable")}

%% Complex variable names
  context-free syntax
    SimpleVariableName         -> VariableName
    "{" SimpleVariableName "}" -> VariableName {prefer, cons("Braced")} %% we prefer this instead of a constant variable
    "{" Expr "}"               -> VariableName {cons("Braced")}

    String -> SimpleVariableName {cons("Simple")}

%% A special place for constant variables.
  sorts MagicConstant Keyword  ConstantVariable
  context-free syntax
    String        -> ConstantVariable {cons("ConstantVariable")}
    MagicConstant -> ConstantVariable{reject}
    Keyword       -> ConstantVariable{reject}
%% These definitions represent the accessing of an object or an array.
%% The language parser does not see this as epxressions. So this is placed
%% here because the variables are related.
  sorts ReferenceVariable ObjectProperty VariableName 
        CVar ObjectCVar ObjectFunctionCall CallParam Variable
  context-free syntax
    %% Included in language parser. Only translated it to assign things to the
    %% Expr. It expresses the accesing of normal variables and the
    %% variables inside objects
     ObjectCVar            	  -> Variable
     ObjectFunctionCall           -> Variable
     ReferenceVariable            -> CVar
     "$" CVar                     -> CVar {cons("IndirectReference")}

     CVar                               -> ObjectCVar
     ObjectCVar "->" ObjectProperty     -> ObjectCVar {cons("ObjectAccess")}

     ObjectCVar                         -> ObjectProperty {cons("ObjectProperty")}
     VariableName                       -> ObjectProperty {cons("ObjectProperty")}

     ObjectProperty "[" Expr? "]"       -> ObjectProperty     {cons("ArrayAccess")}
     ObjectProperty "{" Expr "}"        -> ObjectProperty     {cons("StringAccess")}

     ObjectCVar  "->" ObjectProperty "(" {CallParam ","}* ")" -> ObjectFunctionCall {cons("FunctionCall")}

%% The following Variables are special variables and should be recognized as such
  sorts Bool Null
  context-free syntax
    'true'  -> Bool {cons("True")}
    'false' -> Bool {cons("False")}
    'null'  -> Null {cons("Null")}