File Extensions.str
Author Martin Bravenboer <martin@cs.uu.nl>
Since unknown

Extensions of the Java AST introduced by Dryad to make the meaning ofconstructs more clear.


Lines of code 25
Module number 1 (100% documented)
Constructor number 8 (12% documented)
Overlay number 0
Strategy number 0
Rule number 0
DynamicRule number 0

Constructor summary

CapturedWildcard(ATerm ) n/a Extensions.str
ConstructorName(ATerm ) n/a Extensions.str
DefaultAccess(ATerm ) n/a Extensions.str
Field(ATerm ) n/a Extensions.str
Fresh(ATerm ) n/a Extensions.str
IntersectionType(ATerm ) n/a Extensions.str
TypeVar(ATerm , ATerm ) n/a Extensions.str
TypeVar(ATerm , ATerm , ATerm ) n/a Extensions.str

Constructor details

TypeVar(ATerm , ATerm , ATerm )
File Extensions.str
Author unknown
Since unknown

No information available.

todo What if the class or interface type has type arguments?