Overview of package stratego/rtg (API)



Lines of code 1500
Module number 10 (60% documented)
Constructor number 29 (24% documented)
Overlay number 0
Strategy number 109 (52% documented)
Rule number 22 (4% documented)
DynamicRule number 13 (0% documented)


determinize Implements Determinization Algorithm DET of TATA (page 24) determinize.str
dfta-accept Implementation of accept for Deterministic Finite Tree Automaton (DFTA) dfta-accept.str
dfta-format-check Format check a term against a DFTA dfta-format-check.str
format-check Format check a term against an RTG format-check.str
normalize Implements simplification to a normalized tree grammar (Section 2 normalize.str
parse n/a parse.str
reduce Removes non-terminals that are not productive or reachable reduce.str
signature n/a signature.str
simplify n/a simplify.str
util n/a util.str