Dryad release libdryad-docs-17821

This page provides release libdryad-docs-17821 of Dryad. It was generated automatically on 2008-05-13 20:03:47 UTC from revision 17821 of the path /dryad/trunk/lib of its Subversion repository (the XML record of the build job is available).


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The manual is available on-line.


In case of build or usage problems with this release, please first check if there are newer releases that solve the problem. Otherwise report problems to stratego@cs.uu.nl, mentioning the full version number and a description of the platform you are building on. In case of a build problem include the part of the build log showing the error. In case of a usage problem try to narrow down the problem as much as possible and include enough information to reproduce the error.

Build Logs

Build of the Source Tarball on i686-linux